Car Alarm, GPS Tracker &Speed Limiter (Governor) Installation Training

Car Alarm, GPS Tracker &Speed Limiter (Governor) Installation Training
It will begin with a 5-hour class dedicated to practical hands-on Hardware and software of operation of modern cars and best practices in 12V installations. We will also familiarize of how electronic components, used in 12V equipment work. That will help the trainees to be able to safely work on any kind of vehicles and any kind of 12V equipment, without damaging them or triggering warning lights. It will also help them save time when working on new models they see for the first time. Last but not least, they will learn how and where to easily find a reliable constant power source, ground and Ignition signal.
Trainees will also learn how to do:
- Neat and clean job.
- Covert installation, blended to the vehicle's factory wire harnesses. Virtually impossible to distinguish from anything that comes from the manufacturer of the car.
- Well hidden and secured tracking device, virtually impossible to be found by a thief, another professional installer, and even a mechanic at the car dealer.
- Optional High Security installation training teaches how to safely disable not just the starter of the vehicle (which is easy to tamper with), but all keys, takeover after starting from an app, engine computer or keyless start. This option will teach you how to prevent any kind of experienced thief and even a mechanic from starting customer's car. At the same time, you will know how to make it extremely reliable and fail proof. It is applicable to TOYOTA, NISSAN,Porsche Panamera and Taycan, select Ferrari models, most BMW models, Volvo after 2018 MY, Alfa Romeo, most Audi models after 2016 MY, most Mercedes models after 2019 MY and others. It includes training on hybrid and EV cars, along with safety measures when working on those.
This is a hands-on training, involving practice on multiple high-end cars. Depending on the availability of cars and trainees, the course will take between one and two weeks.