Geismar MP12

For sale: Railway grinder for rails, model MP12 Geismar. A grinder designed for grinding welds and thermite welds.

Condition: Used, fully functional, ready to work.

Detailed product information:

The MP12 grinder is designed for grinding rail heads and welds, including the radius of curvature and the side of the rail head, during continuous operation or by one operator. The rigid and non-deformable housing ensures optimal comfort of use. The four-stroke petrol engine provides exceptional grinding performance. The grinder is inclined at an angle of 90°, which allows precise grinding of the rail head to the appropriate profile. 

- 4-stroke gasoline engine

- muffler with protective grille

- cool air supply

- rotational speed of the grinder shaft - 3200 rpm

- distance between supporting rollers - 1050 mm

- weight: 65 kg